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The Best States for Data Innovation - MA #1

August 01, 2017

Widespread adoption of data analytics is expected to contribute hundreds of billions of dollars to the U.S. economy in coming years while addressing myriad social challenges—but not all states are equally well poised to benefit, according to a comprehensive analysis released today by the Center for Data Innovation.

The Center, a data-policy think tank affiliated with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, called on state policymakers to encourage and enable data-driven innovation by ensuring that high-value datasets are publicly available, key digital infrastructure is widely deployed, and necessary human capital and business resources are in place.

“Decisions that policymakers make today to encourage data-driven innovation will have long-term implications for states’ future growth and their residents’ quality of life,” said Daniel Castro, the Center’s director and the report’s lead author. “Early adopters will benefit immediately from using data to make headway in addressing social challenges from energy efficiency to affordable health care. By positioning themselves at the forefront of data innovation, states will also be able to grow and attract the right kinds of companies to become hubs of the data economy.”

Read more and see the full report: here