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Support For Massachusetts Open Cloud


“The Massachusetts Open Cloud project is just the kind of collaboration envisioned with the conception of the MGHPCC,” said Mel Bernstein, president of the MGHPCC and vice provost for research and graduate education at Northeastern University. “The project brings government, academia and industry together in a way that promises to accelerate technological innovation while creating economic opportunity for Massachusetts.”


“Boston University is proud to be leading the development of Massachusetts Open Cloud and we are grateful for the Commonwealth’s support,” said Gloria Waters, Vice President and Associate Provost for Research at Boston University. “Through this initiative with the state and our partners in industry and academia, the MOC will be the first public open cloud platform designed to spur collaboration, drive innovation and economic development in Massachusetts, catalyze major research projects, and serve as a new model in cloud computing and big data. Ultimately, the Massachusetts Open Cloud aims to become an invaluable, self-sustaining R&D resource for the Commonwealth.”


“Through community-powered innovation, open source technologies offer significant advantages in the cloud, demonstrating industry-leading innovation, flexibility and scalability,” said Jim Totton, vice president and general manager of the platform business unit at Red Hat. “OpenStack in particular, which is the massively-scalable backbone of Massachusetts Open Cloud, is an ideal example of the transformative power of open source in the cloud, and for big data sets. I expect Massachusetts Open Cloud to drive new cloud computing use cases, and Red Hat is thrilled to collaborate with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and its partners to deliver a marketplace that enables more agile development and application delivery based on an open hybrid cloud infrastructure.”


“Mellanox is pleased to support the new HPC Open Cloud initiative and are happy to provide the center with the industry’s fastest and most efficient interconnect solution,” said Gilad Shainer, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies.


“Juniper is committed to providing the Massachusetts Open Cloud project with cutting-edge networking platforms and software tailored for big data computing environments to support the state’s collaborative research projects across its industry and academic institutions,” said Dean Sheffield, global managing director for cloud networking solutions at Juniper Networks. “By contributing simple, secure, open and intelligent networking architecture to build the data center for the MOC, Juniper will enable local organizations to develop and deploy cloud-based technology with the speed and agility required for big data applications.”


“Evolving data demands have created opportunities for disruptive new technologies like open source and cloud database solutions that help enterprises meet today’s challenges,” said Ed Boyajian, CEO of EnterpriseDB. “Massachusetts is home to some of the greatest companies and minds in data science and public initiatives, like the Massachusetts Open Cloud, to foster advancements. Already, state and private support have produced a fast- expanding ecosystem of alternative solution providers, like EnterpriseDB, that are revolutionizing the data management industry.”


“The Massachusetts Open Cloud extends Massachusetts’ community leadership in Big Data. For Plexxi, the MOC supplies us with the best possible vehicle to refine our network product features and capabilities; driven by orchestration, automation and integration with big data platforms for analytics and machine learning.... Plexxi Big Data Fabrics deliver the highest reliability and shortest time-to-completion,” said David J. Husak, Founder and CEO of Cambridge-based Plexxi Inc. “There’s really no comparable resource where we can support such a diverse set of cutting-edge use-cases on real-world-size data sets and enable collaboration among the top academic and research organizations in this field. Plexxi has pledged nearly $1MM in networking products and technical expertise to help build the Massachusetts Open Cloud because we’re genuinely excited by the research, development and commerce will flow from it. ”


“SGI is excited to be collaborating on the Massachusetts Open Cloud project and empowering researchers to further develop Big Data technology,” said Jorge Titinger, president and CEO of SGI. “SGI’s computational infrastructure is purpose-built to handle workflows that lie at the intersection of HPC and Big Data – High Performance Data Analysis is a growing area for data scientists in both academic and commercial settings, and we are proud to help Massachusetts grow its leadership efforts in these areas. As a result of this collaboration SGI expects to contribute to further advances in Knowledge Discovery, the science of extracting exceptional insights from very large and continuously dynamic data sets, paving the way for real Big Data innovation.”


“Brocade is honored to be invited to be a major partner of The Massachusetts Open Cloud project led by Boston University’s Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science and Engineering. We look forward to continuing our strong relationships with the other partners involved in this project. Brocade’s growing technology stronghold in OpenStack and in the open cloud space reinforces our commitment to moving the industry forward, as well as our commitment to being a leader in software-defined networking,” said Regan McGrath, VP of American Sales, Brocade.