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MGHPCC Helps Make Big Bang Discovery Possible

March 20, 2014
MGHPCC, Cosmology, Data, Analysis, Big Bang, Harvard

You may have heard the recent news story about the new research findings released by a team studying the Big Bang theory and the origins of our universe.   As the Boston Globe’s Carolyn Johnson noted in her piece on the news, the research teams included current and former researchers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.  The impact of the research was clear from the article: 

“Scientists hailed the finding as a transformative event that will provide deep and complicated questions for physicists to explore as well as transfix the imagination of the broader public, because it gives insight into a foundational question in physics: How did the universe begin?”

One important fact missing from most news coverage was that this cosmic discovery was made possible by the Holyoke Green High Performance Computing Center in Western Mass.  It’s true!  Harvard University’s Research Computing department noted that fact in a recent blog post:

“The project consumed 5.1 million CPU hours on Odyssey since 2010…

…Of those 5.1 million CPU hours, close to 3 million were computed at the new environmentally sustainable MGHPCC facility in Holyoke, MA. MGHPCC compute, powered in part by hydro electricity, came online during the summer of 2013 and was the result of a collaborative effort between Harvard, four other research universities, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

As James Cuff, Assistant Dean for Research Computing at Harvard University noted in a Tweet regarding MGHPCC’s involvement:

                “We are all still super excited here - Holyoke is changing humanity at a vast scale!”

An amazing exclamation point on the impact that MGHPCC and Holyoke are having on the world of Big Data research. The #MassBigData community has reason to be excited as well, as MGHPCC is a ‘game changer’ not only for Big Data here in the Commonwealth, but as we’ve seen, in helping advance research globally. 

You can learn more about MGHPCC here.