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DHS’ Homeland Security Innovation Program (HSIP) is Expanding – Find Out How Your Company Can Participate

February 13, 2017

In our efforts to build a vibrant and supported Cyber Security ecosystem in Massachusetts, MassTech is making available information and potential opportunities to build and scale cyber security companies in the Commonwealth.

The US Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) announced it is replicating the current DHS Silicon Valley Office Innovation Program with expansion to other regions throughout the US to generate innovation in hubs around the nation and the world to solve DHS’s most difficult challenges.

The HSIP focuses on outreach to cultivate relationships with innovators and investors, and funds innovative startups to solve challenges shared by homeland security and commercial investors. By leveraging private sector investments, the HSIP aims to accelerate the transition of new technological solutions into operational use by DHS and other users in the Homeland Security Enterprise.

The Details:

  • The program has $95M available for five years, through December 2020 under unique, expedited procurement rules designed to reach nontraditional companies with “novel technologies and solutions” that DHS would not otherwise be able to access.
  • There is accelerated funding to companies who haven’t had government contracts totaling over $500K within the last 12 months, e.g. startups.
  • Funding is available to applicants in four phases, with up to $200K per phase and totaling up to $800K over one to two years.
  • DHS seeks to foster innovation and intervention around two challenging security developments: the rise of mobile devices in the enterprise and mobile apps security, specifically the Pegasus threat and Trident vulnerabilities. Innovation and proposals to address these challenges will be prioritized.

For more information, and to pursue a grant application, please see: