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Public School Districts: MassGIS


Office of Geographic Information

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The Public School District layers depict the boundaries of, respectively, the elementary, middle, and high school districts for Massachusetts public schools. At each level, district boundaries may simply be those of a municipality or a district may be regional and cover the geographic area of multiple communities. In some cases, where a community pays tuition to have a student attend another district, a community is not included as part of the district boundary layer because it is not participating in the governance and funding of the overall district. So, for example, Savoy is an elementary school district but the polygon for the town is not part of a middle or high school district because middle and high school students are sent to a nearby district under a tuition agreement. The Town of Monroe is not part of a district polygon for elementary, middle, or high school, because the town provides schooling via a tuition agreement for students in all grades.